Monday, June 21, 2010

Update! Update!!!

I cant believe that it has been this long since i have posted on my Blog!!! actually i can believe it... I became rather Dis-enchanted with my Blog ever since FB-ha it does seem to take a little more work to post on a blog....and with all that has been happening FB sound bites have been all that i have had time for...But i will attempt to Recount some of the highlights of the last 6 mos...
Lets see since my last post I have Given birth to the most beautiful baby.#3 she is perfect in every sense of the word and i cant believe how in love I am with her!! She is beautiful....and was born extreemly quickly!! we barely made it too the hospital as i was in final stage labour...My water broke at 6:00 I laid down for a minute and within like 2 minutes I was having Crazy strong contractions..the kind where you cant walk or do anyting but brace your self and breath...I told rick that we would need to go to the hospital and my water had broke and i guess rememebering my other births there was usually about 5 Hrs between water breaking and rick called Paula who was gonna watch out kids and told her the news but told her she didnt have to come right a way and proceeded to start cooking breakfast...I guess he didnt realize how far along i actually was and cheerily called out to me asking me how many eggs I wanted for breakfast-ha!! I was like BF..we dont have time for that we need to go NOW!!!...we had about a half hour drive to the hospital and it was a very winding road..Oh lord that was the hardest and longest drive i have ever taken in my life!!...Its funny I desperatly wanted to have an Epidural as i never was able to expirience a "pain free" Childbirth!!..But when i arrived at the hospital I was in such intense labour i couldnt even sit up on the bed they told me that i would have to sign a bunch of waivers, and get an IV placed in my hand...Just the thot of those things seemd waaaay too much to bear and I panted out that i didnt think i could sign which all the nurses agreed whole heartily and continued to try and get me up on the table so that i wouldnt give birth on the floor!...the doctor wasnt there yet so the nurses all planed for an emergency nurse assisted CB...they were trying to get me to wait for the doctor and told me not to push, but after a few minutes of watching me thrash and scream, they relented and said that i could push!! a few minutes later there was this fat little pink thing lying on the table..It was my little Peanut!!!! there she was safe and sound!!--Rick and I just stared at each other in disbalief..we couldnt believe that we actually just had our contractions started at 6 and there we were with the baby in our arms at 8:00 exactly 2 hrs later!!..and she was the cutest thing ever!! they took sooo long to give her to me!! that was hard, they kept doing all these things with her normally they would at least let the baby lay on my chest for a minute...but no!! the other thing i remember was hopping of the table and walking to my recovery room...they usually wheel you there, but i guess i was just fine and dandy..No stiches either Praise God and that certainly came in handy as I really didnt have much time to recouperate..aside from the night at the hospital, I was on my own!! ha Rick and the kids left for the weekend and i had to do it all- all the night time wakefulness cook my own food Etc...but little Skye is the best baby in the whole world, so I really cant complain!-
We now have a pretty good grove and there are days that are manageable and days that are not I know the next two years are gonna probaby be are hardest yet, but i am very happy I have my perfect little family of three!!!

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