Thursday, January 21, 2010


I wish there was somthing I could do about Haiti!!--I was watching the news last night...its actually pretty hard for me to watch it as I get pretty emotional, there are such difficult images on the screen all the time and its esp hard when it is sooo close to home with babies,children etc...Any how i was watching the news and they were showing two women who gave birth on the side of the road!!--It was pretty rough as they didnt have anything!! The volunteers didnt even have sterile equiptment to cut the cords...not to mention the mothers of these little new borns have lost everything and dont have a single diaper or bottle or clothes etc...they were interviewing one of the women who said that she had lost her other child a 6 year old son in the earthquake, and she was all alone now with her little newborn, and she said "I will be Relying on GOD to help me raise this little one" as she had nothing, no fam no house no money and a newborn!!
I feel like i have been haunted by that, I was like Gosh she has soo much faith..Who is gonna be God for her?? and i feel sooo frustrated feeling like there is nothing i can do to help, and the more i think about it Im like I could try and organise a drive, as I know that every single mom or mother to be here in the states probably has something that they could give toward this!!! I know there are alot of ppl bringing aid into Haiti, but how far down to the grass root level is this aid gonna get, I know these little ppl who are suffering in the streets arent gonna get cash in there hands...and how likely are they gonna get very much at all?? Is this mother gonna get diapers for her baby?? are the kids gonna have food and clothes and water?--Im expecting a newborn soon and even tho I actually dont have very much for this baby, at least I have a roof to put over her head, and she has a daddy that can buy her diapers, and I have food so i will be able to nurse her!
Its frustrating, and if anyone knows of anyone doing a drive esp for babies and kids I would really like to know!--As I feel like just starting something of my own, all tho there would be alot of logistic nightmares...and how would i get stuff to them, I just feel really bad looking at all the stuff that my kids and i take for granted everyday, and know how desperately someone else could use them!!--well if anyone knows of any organisations or churches that are doing something like this (not just fundraiser but goods and items specifically for babies and children I would love to get involved and help get stuff together for that, I worked in relief efforts for years, and i remember how hard it was to get alot of these things into the hands of those who really needed it and it usually took alot of volunteers on foot or in boats PERSONALLY taking these needed items and delivering them INTO the HANDS of the ppl who needed it, other wise it never would of gotten to them, somtimes the huge and well funded operations can only go so far..and God I can imagine if I had a little newborn in the middle of the street, what I would give for a little package of "care essentials" Like wet wipes and diapers etc!!
Anyhow, I guess I will continue to pray for a way that I can help MORE--Any ideas!!!!

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Just a suggestion - post pictures on your blog. You are a fairly good writer but your posts are too long without pictures to break it up and give people more visual variety. Try it!