Monday, June 21, 2010

Update! Update!!!

I cant believe that it has been this long since i have posted on my Blog!!! actually i can believe it... I became rather Dis-enchanted with my Blog ever since FB-ha it does seem to take a little more work to post on a blog....and with all that has been happening FB sound bites have been all that i have had time for...But i will attempt to Recount some of the highlights of the last 6 mos...
Lets see since my last post I have Given birth to the most beautiful baby.#3 she is perfect in every sense of the word and i cant believe how in love I am with her!! She is beautiful....and was born extreemly quickly!! we barely made it too the hospital as i was in final stage labour...My water broke at 6:00 I laid down for a minute and within like 2 minutes I was having Crazy strong contractions..the kind where you cant walk or do anyting but brace your self and breath...I told rick that we would need to go to the hospital and my water had broke and i guess rememebering my other births there was usually about 5 Hrs between water breaking and rick called Paula who was gonna watch out kids and told her the news but told her she didnt have to come right a way and proceeded to start cooking breakfast...I guess he didnt realize how far along i actually was and cheerily called out to me asking me how many eggs I wanted for breakfast-ha!! I was like BF..we dont have time for that we need to go NOW!!!...we had about a half hour drive to the hospital and it was a very winding road..Oh lord that was the hardest and longest drive i have ever taken in my life!!...Its funny I desperatly wanted to have an Epidural as i never was able to expirience a "pain free" Childbirth!!..But when i arrived at the hospital I was in such intense labour i couldnt even sit up on the bed they told me that i would have to sign a bunch of waivers, and get an IV placed in my hand...Just the thot of those things seemd waaaay too much to bear and I panted out that i didnt think i could sign which all the nurses agreed whole heartily and continued to try and get me up on the table so that i wouldnt give birth on the floor!...the doctor wasnt there yet so the nurses all planed for an emergency nurse assisted CB...they were trying to get me to wait for the doctor and told me not to push, but after a few minutes of watching me thrash and scream, they relented and said that i could push!! a few minutes later there was this fat little pink thing lying on the table..It was my little Peanut!!!! there she was safe and sound!!--Rick and I just stared at each other in disbalief..we couldnt believe that we actually just had our contractions started at 6 and there we were with the baby in our arms at 8:00 exactly 2 hrs later!!..and she was the cutest thing ever!! they took sooo long to give her to me!! that was hard, they kept doing all these things with her normally they would at least let the baby lay on my chest for a minute...but no!! the other thing i remember was hopping of the table and walking to my recovery room...they usually wheel you there, but i guess i was just fine and dandy..No stiches either Praise God and that certainly came in handy as I really didnt have much time to recouperate..aside from the night at the hospital, I was on my own!! ha Rick and the kids left for the weekend and i had to do it all- all the night time wakefulness cook my own food Etc...but little Skye is the best baby in the whole world, so I really cant complain!-
We now have a pretty good grove and there are days that are manageable and days that are not I know the next two years are gonna probaby be are hardest yet, but i am very happy I have my perfect little family of three!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I wish there was somthing I could do about Haiti!!--I was watching the news last night...its actually pretty hard for me to watch it as I get pretty emotional, there are such difficult images on the screen all the time and its esp hard when it is sooo close to home with babies,children etc...Any how i was watching the news and they were showing two women who gave birth on the side of the road!!--It was pretty rough as they didnt have anything!! The volunteers didnt even have sterile equiptment to cut the cords...not to mention the mothers of these little new borns have lost everything and dont have a single diaper or bottle or clothes etc...they were interviewing one of the women who said that she had lost her other child a 6 year old son in the earthquake, and she was all alone now with her little newborn, and she said "I will be Relying on GOD to help me raise this little one" as she had nothing, no fam no house no money and a newborn!!
I feel like i have been haunted by that, I was like Gosh she has soo much faith..Who is gonna be God for her?? and i feel sooo frustrated feeling like there is nothing i can do to help, and the more i think about it Im like I could try and organise a drive, as I know that every single mom or mother to be here in the states probably has something that they could give toward this!!! I know there are alot of ppl bringing aid into Haiti, but how far down to the grass root level is this aid gonna get, I know these little ppl who are suffering in the streets arent gonna get cash in there hands...and how likely are they gonna get very much at all?? Is this mother gonna get diapers for her baby?? are the kids gonna have food and clothes and water?--Im expecting a newborn soon and even tho I actually dont have very much for this baby, at least I have a roof to put over her head, and she has a daddy that can buy her diapers, and I have food so i will be able to nurse her!
Its frustrating, and if anyone knows of anyone doing a drive esp for babies and kids I would really like to know!--As I feel like just starting something of my own, all tho there would be alot of logistic nightmares...and how would i get stuff to them, I just feel really bad looking at all the stuff that my kids and i take for granted everyday, and know how desperately someone else could use them!!--well if anyone knows of any organisations or churches that are doing something like this (not just fundraiser but goods and items specifically for babies and children I would love to get involved and help get stuff together for that, I worked in relief efforts for years, and i remember how hard it was to get alot of these things into the hands of those who really needed it and it usually took alot of volunteers on foot or in boats PERSONALLY taking these needed items and delivering them INTO the HANDS of the ppl who needed it, other wise it never would of gotten to them, somtimes the huge and well funded operations can only go so far..and God I can imagine if I had a little newborn in the middle of the street, what I would give for a little package of "care essentials" Like wet wipes and diapers etc!!
Anyhow, I guess I will continue to pray for a way that I can help MORE--Any ideas!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Lena loves to sing!!! I remember even when she was a little baby playing in her crib if i started singing a song or humming a tune I would hear this little voice trying to mimick my my cute..she has been doing it lately again like this morning i was singing a song that she didnt know..but of course she doesnt know that she doesnt know it and is not about to let you know she doesnt know it...and she was singing away with me trying desperately and enthusiasticly to keep up-ha it was really funny and cute! and i may add she did pretty well..What a funny little girl, she loves to be silly too and will actually genuinely "get stuff" if someone does something funny or makes a joke she is pretty Quick and 'gets it and we will hear her start laughing and we will all be like "Woa she totally got our joke" ha..This is true for scarcasm as well..and she is very sensitive!! or if you think something she is doing is funny and your not trying to be mean or anything and you copy her or tell someone about it she will get a little in the car today, trev had his favorite song on and was dancing his usual "crazy" dance...I looked in the rear view mirror and saw her trying to copy it it was sooo cute she had her little finger out and was trying to do the same move so i showed trev..i was like look lena was going like this trying to copy your dance...then when we looked back to see her she had this really kinda upset look on her face like "stop teasing me" Ohhh poor baby...another super cute thing she does right now is when she wakes up in the morning and i go to get her out of her crib she says "GOOD MORNING MOMMY" super enthusiastcally but in her thick little baby accent and she kinda struggles to get all three of those big words out, but it is soooo very dear!!! I should record it!!
At night too she sometimes will be in bed but still too excited to fall asleep and will start crying for me to come and see her, of course when i finally come in the room she doesnt actually need anything and her crying will stop instantly and she will say, Mommy, mommy.Guess what!! and she will just want to 'chat' with me about various things that happened to her that day like a typical girl!! but its really cute the way she says 'guess what' a bunch of times...sometimes she will be thinking of something to say just to keep me there a little longer, and will keep saying Guess what, and i wil say what?..and she actually doesnt have anything to say so she will say 'Guess what'again--ha.
what else?? Oooo trev had his first Kiss!! His dad doesnt even know about it, He told Me!!!--I'm soooo glad! I always wondered if we had a good enough relationship for him to tell me these things, i guess if he ever read what im posting about i doubt he will ever tell me anything again-heh...Its funny when he came in the house i just knew something was up he was kinda hanging around with this little grin on his face like he was just bursting at the i was like whats up, whats going on...tee hee. (it was a little neighborhood girl his age)-ha, her older brother dared them!--but hey, it still counts right!
Its amazing how the time flies..and how big Trev is! It almost seems like another life ago instead of a few short years ago, that i was still helping him get dressed and he was my one and only little baby-man...I guess having another baby in the house helps you see your older child as well so much older as instead of a 7 year old being your "baby" you actually have a baby so they are definitely the 7 year old...ha the danger is when you start treating them like they are 10 or something when they really are still little and altho not as little as the baby still do need love care and attention!!--Its pretty hard these days finding things to do with trev as most of the things that I suggest we do together he finds "boring" and the things he is interested in and enjoys have little to do with a mommy, its usually just VDO games and hanging out with his friends...but i really do need to find some ways to "reconect with my big guy"

Just you and me!!

This Blog has become so intimate--Since i never blog and no one reads this, Im pretty much just talking to myself and keeping some memories of my kids alive...I really kinda like it! I see my blog in a whole new way-:)...I probably should just scrap the whole Blog thing and get a diary, but i was never good at keeping a diary and in my house it will probably just end up as scrap paper anyways!--just hope nothing comes back to haunt me from the internet...u know how that goes


So....Lena has been weened from her Paci--I wouldnt say it was a huge success...she still ask's for it almost a month later..and God forbid she sees another kid with one!!--I guess my lesson is not to wait that long to ween a kid from there paci it just gets harder the older they are...When she sees another baby with a paci its one thing..she understands that the Binky fairy gave all her Paci's to the BABIES but what really gets her is when she sees an older kid like obvioulsly her age or older with a passy--Well it sure is hard for me to explain that away..she will usually go up to them with a very indignant look and say "My Dee" and try and snatch it out of there mouth--Its funny she is like 'hey how did you get that, it was suppossed to be for the babies'!! Oh well Im hoping by the time new baby comes this wont be an issue as all my babies were big paci babies!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

right now

In the throes of weaning lena off both bottle and Passy right now!! I know i waited too long but I was simply dreading this day and because of that kept putting it off! it has soo far been a very intense struggle and we are comming up on the second night!--the first was awful and i did feel quite badly for her as she is obviously VERY addicted-the main struggle is her passy-or Dee as she calls it! she will actually look for it in the middle of the night with her eyes closed and she could do the whole thing with out waking up--her little hand would grope around for it, Find in and pop it back into her mouth with out opening her eyes...and it has been quite sad seeing her try and do the same thing yet her searches ending in vain all night last night I could hear her making little sucking noises as she tried to find a supplement for her beloved dee...she would hold her had to her mouth and be soo sleepy...but then get all frustrated and start screaming again and get herself all worked up in a tizzy! and it is soooo hard to sooth her as she wants nothing else...Im hoping that tonight will be easier, but am bracing myself!!--When the process is all said and done I will blog about it for the Archives!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

My Tree

So I went out yesterday all excited to buy decorations for my tree!!! while my husband set the tree up!--I was sooo dissapointed when i got home and saw the tree, as it looked soooo small and Bare, I guess i didnt quite remember how big it was, I do remember the year we bought it we were sooo straped for cash that it seemed like such a 'perfect' tree and for only 18 dollars!! but this year it doesnt seem to quite cut it--and looking at my reciept i spent 3 times as much as the tree actually cost on decorations!!!
Well the saddest part is Rick refuses to get me another in his mind it is a "perfectly good tree" plus he already set the "whole thing up"!! GADZ!--well i guess i will just have to make do with my dinky tree!-i guess it doesnt hurt to be 'frugal' for one more year-heh(altho i cant really say that i have been frugal-at least im helping him save his money)!! And did i ever mention how nice it is to come christmas time be able to go to your storage and be able to start out with that much more decorations that your not gonna have to buy!!! I had all the basicis, now i can just add a little bit more every year! till one of these years i will be competing with the rest of the Joneses, for the "best decorated house on the Block!!!--I LOVE christmas!! and i love that we have not had ot make any MAJOR moves (like overseas)--and i love how good Jesus is to me and i love that i have 2 more sibblings living in the States now that will hopefully spend C'mas with me!!!'-happy holidays!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I can hardly believe that this year is almost over!!! time sure flies when your having fun :)
I have learned many valuble lessons this year,( But i have still not learned how to spell valuable) Yes I know that the year Isn't over yet,but Im still thinking about my lessons...oh and im thinking about thanksgiving dinner!!!
These are a few of the lessons that i learned this year!

1) Never,Never try and use the bathroom when your out alone with the kids...Believe me it just doesn't work!! Mom's are just not supposed to Pee, they are supposed to magically be able to hold it!!(this is a particularly difficult lesson if you happen to be PG) they are also never supposed to be thirsty or hungry, Cuz how on earth would they be able to afford food for themselves AND their KID's when out!!! and since they have learned to be Polite and not scream in the restaurant, and their kids haven't--they must be content to simply stare at there kids fries and burgers, and hope that they will share, thankfully most kids meals taste like CRAYONS, so this will not be a tremendous battle until the fast food restaurants start making "pho noodle" kids meals. Another important lesson that i learned is when ordering at a fast food place always ask for your food to go even tho you will be there playing at the play ground for hours..I know it doesnt make much sense cuz if it really was to go you would just be at the drive through! but until the suckers at these joints realize will get your food twice as fast as the other honest ppl who said that they were eating in!

I have also learned never to expect your Scorpio child to perform for others upon your request!! as your would be "proud mother" moment, will be turned to humiliation as they will purposely do something terrible instead!!! like throw their passy at the sweet lady who just wanted to hear them say 'thank you' or bye, or hello...or one of the other neat little tricks that they have learned,

I have also learned that Wal-Mart is where the Devil enters children and causes them to throw the biggest most Embarasing tantrums EVER so avoid that place like the plague...I'm serious!!!
I have also learned that you should never be so naive as to think that your 7 year old son would make a good baby sitter,or that your 7 year old son would ever do much at all to help you out! that idea was for children of bygone days in the "Charles Dickenson" era, where ppl actually relied on children as young as five to help support the family!
No they really have all they can possibly handle just taking care of their homework!!
Well I think those are my Biggest lessons! PTL!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

more toddler news

have a few minutes to myself so im hittin up this ol blog!! My belly is starting to get "in the way" Not fun...i remember the agony of bending over in the last stages of my Pregnancy last time!! oh well!! st least it will be over with soon enuf..
In other news, lena seems to think one Stuffed Monkey needs 6 diapers I walked out of my room to find clean daipers littered all over my living room! Fun--Such a good mommy!--She also LOVES playing with Cars!! I think somehow daddy has more to do with that than me...In fact she seems to enjoy her cars more than her dolls as her doll house is always filled with cars instead of Dolls--ha its least she is not one of those really Prissy girls that can be annoying. She turned 2 yesterday and i still find it hard to believe taht i have a 2 year old! now i feel all pressured to ween her from her bottles and passy and potty train her!-- now if any one knows my darling lena this will be no small feat!! she has a will of IRON! Be;ieve me it is waaay stronger than mine! she will out last the best ofm in a showdown! even the dreaded swat doesnt work with this one--she will stick out her hand defiantly for one more...and scream just as loud for a "smack" as she was for whatever else it was she was screaming for--oh dear!!... I used to think I was a good Mom and had it all under controll till this one showed up!!
Well wish me luck! someones gotta do it and its certainly not gonna be Daddy!-ha